Filipino iKONICs warmly welcome iKON despite the early flight arrival

It was earlier reported that iKON will be visiting the Philippines for the Samsung S10 launch. The event is very strict as they only allowed limited number of iKONICs to attend the said event.

After the Launch party in Thailand, iKON headed to the Philippines for their schedule today. It was reported that they arrived at around 2:40 in the morning.

Despite the boys’ arrival time, PH iKONICs can’t be stopped!

They camped out at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminal 2 to catch a glimpse of the said boy group. When the news broke out that the group is already in the country, #WelcometoPHGalaxyiKON trended in no time.

You may see some photos of the iKONICs who were part of the #TeamAirport:

The largest and active fanbase, iKONIC Philippines, even prepared a banner message for them:

They also handed out some biscuits as food support to their fellow iKONICs who are waiting for iKON.

They even sang songs of iKON to welcome the group in the country! Particularly one of their famous hits ‘Love Scenario,’ You may check it below:

Unfortunately, iKON did not pass through the gates where the PH iKONICs were waiting. Some who were on the same flight with them claimed that they were really tired and exhausted due to the hectic schedule.

But here is a lucky iKONIC who got a glimpse of B.I:

The sudden news was received with sadness and disappointment to the airport security as they all thought they might get the chance to see iKON. The fans relied on Twitter to share their feels:

We should also appreciate PH iKONICs’s effort to welcome the boys! They did a great job welcoming iKON the correct way: being disciplined and respecting the decisions of the management.

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We really hope they get the chance to catch iKON performing live or Samsung PH might try to open more slots for the launching party.

To the lucky iKONICs with the invites, please take note of these tips before attending the event! Cheer for the iKONICs who cannot make it to the event.

Samsung PH, baka naman…kahit live stream lang po, please?

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