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iKON’s B.I wishes to be an actor

iKON’s Kim Hanbin, also known as B.I, expresses his dream to be an actor!

In the event, ‘MBN Y Forum 2019’, iKON’s leader, Kim Hanbin stated that he want to be an actor. Hanbin wants to film a romantic scene which makes him envious when he is seeing in on screen often.

“I feel like I want to act. I wanted to shoot a love scene. I really envy the way I see it on the screen. “There are countless movies that I envied,” he said. “But I’m not good at that.” It’s just wishful thinking. “I want to be immersed in music,” he said

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Furthermore, he added that he does not have acting skills. It’s all just his wishful thinking and he want to immerse himself to music.

Meanwhile, Hanbin is preparing for his album together with his fellow member Bobby.

iKON just recently performed in Manila for an exclusive event. You can watch it here.

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