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‘Produce X 101’ debut team to have a longer contract period

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‘Produce X 10’1, the newest and the fourth installment for Mnet’s Produce series will have a five-year contract.

Mnet confirmed that they have decided to debut a new group with a 5-year contract. For two and a half years, they will focus on activities by group and on the other half, they will focus on both individual activities and by group.

On the previous series, the contract period for I.O.I., the debut group of “Produce 101″ have a one year contract. While the contract period for Wanna One only lasted for 18 months. The recent debut group IZ*ONE,” have a two year and six months contract.

The debut team of those previous Produce series have gained a lot of attention and support from the fans. However, some fans of the series are not happy about the length of the contract.

Furthermore, the new season is expected to air this coming April.

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