South Korea is famous for the idol groups who can sing and dance. But those are not just the only talents they offer. They also have bands. Yep, you got it right, BANDS! Bands who play the instruments and are amazingly good at it.

1. F.T. Island

F.T. Island (Five Treasure Island) is a rock band formed by FNC Entertainment in 2007. The members are Hong-gi, Jong-hoon, Jae-jin, Seung-hyun and Min-hwan.

2. CNBlue

CNBlue, CN stands for Code Name and BLUE stands for the backronym for the members burning, loveable, untouchable and emotional which portrays the members Jonghyun, Minhyuk, Jungshin and Yonghwa. They debuted in 2010 and are hoobaes of F.T. Island (same label).

They are among the fastest idol group to get a music award show since debut. (They held the record for years until they were dethroned).

All members are currently in the military and are expected to make a comeback on 2020.

3. N.Flying

N.Flying (New Flying) is also from FNC Entertainment and are hoobaes of F.T. Island and CNBlue. They made their Korean debut in 2015. The group is composed of Seung-hyub, Cha Hun, Jaehyun, Hwe-seung and Kwang-jin (past member).

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4. Day6

Day6 is a band formed by JYP Entertainment in 2015. The band is composed of Jae, Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon.

Special Mention:


A.N. JELL was formed by the hit drama You`re Beautiful in 2009. The band is composed of Jang Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye, F.T. Island`s Hongki and CNBlue`s Yonghwa.

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