Adulthood is the most exciting yet hard phase of life. During this phase, we bid goodbye to our innocent, fun-loving and responsibility-less childhood and we open our own curtain to adulthood, where we get to live life as life.

Being an adult, it gives us a lot of responsibilities– bills to pay, paper works to attend, e-mails to answer, and even, people to impress– only to survive this life. As we work our mind, our body and heart out and as we endlessly chasing our dreams, there is only one thing that we want to hear from others, that is “You’ve worked hard.”

To lessen the burden and pressure that we carry on day to day basis, I hope these five (5) songs will help you keep the fire in your heart to go on.

1. BEING AN ADULT by Kim Na-Young

This song conveys the feelings of a person who is not ready to be an adult yet. He/she still has so many questions how to live this adult life. Adulthood makes us lost in life sometimes. But as we get lost, may we go back to our roots — the very reason of our dreams. May we remember that we were once a child, asking so many questions. Living life innocently and playing with life as if it is the best playmate we ever met.

Lyrics: “All those stars, where are they now? Did they become adults, too?”


Adulthood keeps us busy all the time, that sometimes we lost track of our connection with our friends, This song will tell us that even if we have drifted apart with the people we treasure and love, fate will bring us together. One day, we will sit together and talk about our lives.

Lyrics: “We are friends, man. Don’t apologize, man. No matter what you do I’ll understand. It’s us against the world.”


Hui, the leader of the KPOP Boy Group Pentagon, wrote this song to convey his feelings as a son, as a person and as a leader.

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Adulthood makes us feel pressured most of the time. We look after the people that we love more than we look after ourselves, but that is adulthood, we become a person called “adult”. We do things for the people that we love, we bottled up our feelings, and doing everything that we can.

Lyrics: “If a lot people feel safe, because of me, eventhough it’s hard for me, I hope you are happy to see me.”

4. FEAR by Song Minho of WINNER

As an adult, we feel afraid sometimes asking what if things will not go as planned. We realized that there are things that we cannot control, and since we cannot control them, we have nothing left, but to work hard.

Lyrics: “”You’re doing a good job.” When I get confused, I tell myself that and just go.”

5. EAT by Zion.T

This song will remind us that no matter how busy we are with our lives, we should be good to ourselves. This song will tell us that whenever we are sad, we can always listen to this song, because this song is made for us.

Lyrics: “Don’t you want to rest? Isn’t it busy? Isn’t everything annoying. Don’t you want to go home?”


Lyrics: “It’s okay. I will hug you. You’ve worked hard.”

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