Looking For Stress Reliever? Subscribe to this YouTube Channel Owned By 2 Korean Band Members

Feeling stressed? Looking for something to temporarily escape from your stressful environment?

Korean band N.Flying’s drummer Kim Jae Hyun and Guitarist Cha Hun launched their official YouTube channel last September 10, 2018.

Their channel is called 2idiots and their contents are mostly challenges and ‘Mukbang’ with a twist. Their humors are also shown which hyped the fans even more.

There are times that they are featuring their co-band members Hweseung and Seunghyub, even their manager also participated in some of their videos.

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They even featured our Filipino snacks in one of their videos. You can watch it here:

What are you waiting for, bes? Binge-watch their videos and wipe that stress away!

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