As the lights went out, the voices of ATINYs became louder as they waited for their favorite boy group ATEEZ take the stage.

ATEEZ started the night with one of their powerful songs called HALAZIA, with a scarecrow-like figure rising from behind the stage which made the crowd go wild. 

After an explosive performance, they greeted their fans and apologized on behalf of Jongho, who was not able to join the concert due to an injury. A lot of ATINYs were sad but they wished for Jongho to get better. ATINY’s were even surprised at how they were able to incorporate Jongho’s voice along with the members and it felt like he was there all along.

Especially when they sang “Answer” followed by “The Ring”. After their magnificent performance, they stopped for a moment to breathe and speak with their fans. They continued with “Hala Hala” which ATINYs sang along with them, and their song “Dazzling Light” made them shine.

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ATEEZ drops the intensity of their performance a notch as they sing “Mist” which looks like they were serenading ATINYs that night. They continued with “Aurora” which showed a view of the moon in the forest filled with little floating lights that seemed like fireflies.

They proceeded to sing one of their inspiring song called “Sunrise” and stood on top of the rising stage with inspirational words flashed on the screen behind them. 

Their song “Illusion” showed a constellation-like hourglass with a star image on the big screen. To make the experience more memorable, big balloons started floating among the fans that they tossed to each other. They continue the fun with their upbeat but light song “Wave”.

The show went on and this time an illuminated ship’s wheel began to rise as they continued with their song “Win” followed by “Horizon”. To complete the pirate theme, one of the fan’s favorite and most talked about performances from their Kingdom era, started playing. Who will forget their infamous “Wonderland” and the big tentacle that they managed to bring on stage? But what made this song really famous was the part where Jongho belted that high note that goes even higher.

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The light went out, but the next time that it went on again, everyone in the crowd went wild as “Bouncy” started playing. Seeing it live was definitely one of the highlights of the night. ATEEZ even chose several fans to dance Bouncy with them.

After the interactive Bouncy, ATEEZ continued to keep the energy up as they performed “Thanxx”. It was followed by “Good Lil Boy” and “The Leaders” which they sang as they interacted with their fans. 

And of course, the night won’t be complete without seeing the live version of the fan favorite “Say My Name”. The crowd went wild as they saw the infamous dance move that ATINYs love.

They slowed down a notch as ATEEZ said their message and thanks to their fans before singing their last four songs of the night including another highlight of the night with Wooyoung shouting “Manila, make a move!” as they performed their song “Guerilla”.

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As ATEEZ sings “Turbulence” and “Celebrate”, ATEEZ and ATINY become closer that night as their fanservice continues.

As the last of “The Fellowship: Break the Wall” comes to an end. What could be a better song to end the night other than “The Real”, with ATINY shouting “Present”

It may be the last stop for ATEEZ The Fellowship: Break the Wall world tour but they definitely did not disappoint. I know that I came in to witness a concert, I just didn’t expect to be part of a party. A night filled with good music, awesome ATINYs, and extraordinary performances that I know would be sketched on every ATINY’s heart that was present that night.

Looking forward to more years with ATEEZ. Until next time!

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