On February 22, JTBC announced that they will be adapting the webtoon “너를 싫어하는 방법/How to Hate You” in an one-act drama. Jaemin will be the one to portray the male lead role ‘Han Dae Kang’.

The webtoon “너를 싫어하는 방법/How to Hate You” was published in Bufftoon and received a lot of love. The drama, which will be produced
is scheduled to be aired at the end of March.

‘How to Don’t Like You’ is a drama about a campus romance between a college freshman, Mi-ri, who worries about love and friendship as part of college life.

SM Entertainment told the fans to look forward to Jaemin’s new sides and root for his fist time acting!

Meanwhile, NCT Dream is coming to Manila for “2019 KPOP Friendship Concert” together with April and Noir.

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