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Fans speculate that Ji Chang Wook might be the next Bench model

Is Ji Chang Wook the next Bench model?

Ben Chan, owner of clothing brand ‘Bench’, just recently followed Ji Chang Wook on Instagram. It makes the fans speculating that the actor might be the next Bench global brand trendsetter.

Here’s a screenshot by Ji Chang Wook Philippines:

Bench have previously worked with Korean stars to be their ambassadors such as Lee Min Ho and recently Park Hyungsik. Both of them successfully held fan meetings in the Philippines.

Early this year, fans also speculated that Park Seo Joon might be the next Bench model after Ben Chan followed him on Instagram too.

Ji Chang Wook, who is known for his mystery, thriller and action K-Dramas, will be discharged in the military this April. Meanwhile, he is performing in a musical with fellow artists Kang Ha Neul, shinee’s Onew, INFINITE’s Sungkyu and 2AM’s JoKwon.

Do you think Bench is eyeing Ji Chang Wook as their next Brand Ambassador? Will you (and your wallet) be ready when that happens?

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