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Is Park Seo Joon the next Bench model?

Recently, there were news that Park Seo Joon signed a contract with a clothing brand in the Philippines. Few weeks later, guess who just followed the actor’s instagram account?

It’s Ben Chan, the owner of Bench.

Bench is a famous clothing brand in the Philippines. The brand is also known to get Asian Ambassadors for their ‘Bench’s Global Trendsetter‘ campaign. Famous actors such as Lee Min-ho, Park Hyung-sik, Dylan Wang are among of them.

Filipino fans show excitement every time the brand signed a famous artist since it’s been a tradition for their international models to hold a ‘meet and greet’.

Just this month, Bench announced Park Hyungsik is coming back to Manila for a meet and greet on February 16.

Do you think Park Seo Joon is the bext Bench model? Are you ready for his meet and greet?

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