BTS’ J-Hope donates a total of 250 million won to Green Umbrella Children Fund

For his 26th birthday (Korean age), BTS Jung Ho-Seok aka J-Hope donated 100 million won to Green Umbrella Children Fund’s Kwangju headquarter.

He said that he would like to join in donating like what fans (ARMY’s)
who are continuing to make goodwill around the world.

J-Hope’s alma mater is an international high school located in Samgak-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju, and the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation plans to follow J-Hope’s wishes and deliver the scholarship to the student who are in need.

Last December 2018, he also donated 150 million won and requested to the organization not to reveal it to the public. With a total of 250 million won (approximately 12 million in peso) donation, the funds will be used to help students who are in need financially.

He is the 146th member of ‘Green Noble Club’ to have donated more than 100 Million won.

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