Why you should follow Park Seo Joon’s instagram

Instagram is one of the social media sites that brings us closer to our favorite celebrities. That is why if your favorite star has one and is actively using it, then you’re a lucky one.

One of the most active celebrity user of Instagram is the South Korean actor Park Seo Joon. He has been using the platform for years now and has been using it to update his fans with his life and projects. Although he he does not post daily, he makes sure that he uploads a photo once in a while.

He actually deleted most oh his previous photos and left some that was taken late last year. But of course, nasave na natin yan, diba besh?

His account currently has 7.6 million followers and 88 followings.

Park Seo Joon’s account is like a magazine that do not have the same pose. With Seo Joon’s personality and charms he sure makes his fans look forward to his instagram update.

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Here are some of his photoshoot like SNS update:

His smile is brighter than the sun! 

Who doesn’t want to go shopping with Seo Joon?


Jogging isn’t bad at all with him by your side.

When all you wish is for him to turn around…


Date at the ice cream shop?


A beautiful view with a more beautiful subject.

Who wouldn’t fall for Park Seo Joon’s charm? If you’re a Korean Fan you sure follow the Hallyu star Park Seo Joon‘s instagram account.

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