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5 Crazy Habits of K-Drama Binge-watchers

Every K-Drama binge watchers share habits that make them awesome human beings. These habits can be annoying sometimes, inspiring, daebak, and even insane. But for every K-Drama fan, it’s just a very normal thing to do, so trivial.

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1. Sleeping less or sometimes not sleeping at all.

K-drama binge watchers seem to lost track of time after playing the next, then the next, and then the next episode. In just one or two sleepless nights they can finish a whole series of K-Drama. They laugh at it, cry at it, and experience the entire days, weeks, or years of the Korean drama series timeline in a few nights. They might want to call themselves time-travelers with a heavy eye makeup.

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2. Being too focused in watching K-Drama. So do not disturb them. 

Never-ever interrupt a K-Drama binge-watcher. They can erupt like volcanoes. If you pause or stop their series, prepare for their wrath. If the laptop suddenly becomes drained, the laptop must also prepare for itself. But most of all, never ever annoy them when they just woke-up and they haven’t finished watching their k-drama yet.

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3. Adapting to the K-Drama Linggo.

Did you ever notice that after K-Drama binge-watchers finished a series, they adapt the common expressions from the characters? Common examples are Aja! and Buing-buing! Every binge-watcher loses the strong sense of their own language for a while.

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4. Having an existential crisis 

Who am I? Where am I? The existential crisis after finishing a drama is so real. Some K-Drama binge-watchers move on, some watch the same drama all over again and some just stay on their beds and cry until they feel alright.

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5. Discovering something new. 

Who can blame K-Drama binge-watchers for looking for new K-drama after finishing one? It’s like falling in love all over again!

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Do you have other crazy habits as a K-Drama binge-watcher? Share it to us on the comment section!

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  1. just before starting binge watch I always crave for kimchi, ramyeon, fried chicken, ttokboki, banana yogurt, and all the mouth watering spicy korean dish. that’s why I have to make sure I have enough balance on my Grab Pay. LOL

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