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IU fulfills promise to a fan; attends fan’s high school graduation

Aside from getting your idol’s album signed, attending their concerts, getting a hi-touch from them, or taking a photo with them, getting in touch with your idol is a tricky process. They may or may not remember you whenever you ask for a special request from them.

Except for IU.

This Valentine’s day, it was reported that IU visited the graduation ceremony of Gimje Girl’s High School. IU attended the ceremony as a promise during a fan meeting around last year.

The fan was already a senior student when she asked IU to host a School Attack event back then, but IU told her that she will attend the school’s festival instead. However, the school festival was already over, so IU then promised to attend their graduation ceremony this February 14, should her schedule is free during the said date.

According to the students present, IU gave flowers to her fans and to other students as a congratulatory gift for finishing their high school.

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You may catch the whole surprise visit in this video below:

IU delighted the graduates with a sudden song performance and called to the stage the fan who invited her to the school’s graduation. She even received a special gift from IU herself!

Netizens were really impressed with IU’s kindness to her fans leaving comments from the Knetizens, “She is a sweet singer!” It is wonderful for her to keep that promise.” and getting jealous to the lucky fan.

No wonder, IU is really popular not only because of her singing and acting skills but the love for her fans and surprising them is truly an unforgettable experience!

We congratulate the lucky students for being able to have IU as a guest during their graduation ceremony!

We also want to bring IU here in Manila! Hoping it can happen!

From Giphy.

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