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Lee Sung Kyung wows Fans to Blackpink Dance Covers

Lee Sung Kyung is a total performer!

This actress continues to surprise us with her wide range of talents! From being able to walk the runway as a fashion model, being hooked to shows or dramas through her acting, letting her beautiful singing voice be heard, and now, through dancing!

Lee Sung Kyung visited Taiwan for a scheduled fan-meeting event to meet her Taiwanese fans. She wowed the audiences with her dance cover of Blackpink member Jennie’s Solo:

Are the following videos enough to prove that she is a total performer? We hope so!

Ikaw na talaga mamang! Nasa ‘yo na ang lahat! (Joo Hyuk nalang kulang hihi.)

Bonus: Have a little throwback when Lee Sung Kyung surprised us with her performance during King of the Masked Singer:

We are truly impressed on how talented you are!

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