BTS’ RM Receives Attention in The 61st GRAMMYs Awards

Kim Nam-joon or much known as RM, the leader of the boy group, BTS, gained attention from non-fans when he appeared at the 61st GRAMMY Awards.

BTS was invited to the GRAMMY Awards as an award presenter as their album was nominated for the ‘Best Recording Package’ up against various artists like Mitski, St. Vincent, The Chairman, and Foxhole.

Even though they lost, the fans still felt like they won for some reason; The leader of the group, RM, displays his impressive skill in speaking english and received praises from non-fans and has been questioning, “Who is the guy in glasses?”

Here’s how the non-fans reacted:

“There’s really no need for an explanation. This man is on another level!”

“I wonder how proud his parents are of him… I’m envious.”

“Who is he??? He looks so good!”

“Who’s the one in glasses?”

I mean, who wouldn’t be in love with a tall, handsome and intelligent man who can also compose beautiful songs, dance, and spit fire while rapping and guiding one of the top groups in the world?

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