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PLUUS’ 1st Official Fan Meeting: A Sum Up

Last May 13, SBTown’s boy group PLUUS had their #SUMmerPLUUStival, the 1st Official Fan Meeting filled with ample of fun and memories that PLUUS and SUM will surely cherish.

The group first performed “My Time,” as they gave glimpse to fans on their talent and passion when it comes to singing as well as dancing.

“My Time” is one of their three debut music videos which already garnered million of views on YouTube. In fact, a technical problem occurred during this specific performance, however, PLUUS managed it well by just going on with the flow as they showered with cheers from fans.

For games in this fan meeting, fans enjoyed the ‘Tiktok Challenge’ for PLUUS, wherein random viral songs in Tiktok were played and members who knew the specific Tiktok trend, will perform the dance challenge.

Fans also had the chance to participate in the 2nd game which they had to guess whose PLUUS member is flashed on the screen. SUM had the opportunity in winning PLUUS merch from this game.

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There is a lot of performances from PLUUS throughout the event which fans really enjoyed.

Surprise guests were also present in the said event including Maki, an ABS-CBN artist who is also a brother of one of PLUUS’ members, Haro. Maki performed his song titled “Saan.” Also, YGIG, SBTown’s girl group also surprise the fan meet attendees with their performance of “Shaba Shaba.”

PLUUS dedicated a song to their fans titled “Aming Pahinga” to express their appreciation to SUM for their love and support to the group.

Congratulations on your 1st official fan meeting, PLUUS!

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