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YG’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk reacts to Seungri after the controversy on his Hong Kong concert

Yang Hyun Suk, YG’s CEO, finally reacts to the recent issue involving Bigbang’s Seungri in his recent concert in Hong Kong.

VIPs all around the world expressed their dismay regarding YG’s ‘unfair’ and ‘mistreatment’ to Seungri during his “The Great Seungri” in Hong Kong last January 12.

Five days later, Yang Hyun Suk uploaded a photo on his official Instagram account which seems to be a conversation with Seungri addressing the issue.

English Translation:


“Huhu I’ll put an end to the to the controversy. I’m so sorry. I was trying to tell the conversation in a funny way but I think I’ve gone too far.”

YG: *sends crying emoji sticker*

YG captioned it with “YG *heart* Seungri *heart* VIP. I have never deleted comments in my life time. I wish everyone a happy new year.”

Seungri commented on it saying, “YG *heart* Seungri *heart* VIP. CEO, I can go to the 7th floor any time. I love you.”

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It seems like that the two are still in good terms even after the incident.

Meanwhile, Seungri is preparing for ‘The Great Seungri Tour in Manila’ on January 19.

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