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VIPs show dismay over YG’s treatment during The Great Seungri in Hongkong

VIPs from around the world were outraged about YG's treatment during Seungri's tour in Hong Kong.

VIPs, the fandom name for those who are supporting the K-pop male group, BIGBANG is all over Twitter for expressing their dismay over YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk better known as YG, during The Great Seungri in Hongkong that happened yesterday, January 12, 2019.

The issue spread out all over Twitter when Seungri mentioned that YG took his live band, back-up dancers, and staffs in order to give way for Blackpink who is having a concert in Bangkok (To the Blinks, please keep in mind that this article is not blaming or at any cost is trying to harm Blackpink).

You may refer to the gist of the issue from this tweet below:

And a video also circulated about it, with a translated version as stated:

Right after the issue circulated, VIPs all around the world expressed their dismay regarding YG ‘unfair’ and ‘mistreatment’ to Seungri. Korean VIPs started a petition and asked for some help from the VIPs to leave a comment on YG’s social media accounts and provided the statement so VIPs can easily post it.

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The statement goes like this:

“회장님 회사에서 이번에 승리 홍콩 콘서트 있는줄도 몰랐다는데 사실인가요? 댄서도 다 블랙핑크 쪽으로 가서 승리는 댄서가 2명밖에 없었다는데요. 공연하는데 댄서 2명이 말이 되나요? 밴드식스도 없고 승리 공연이니까 승리 혼자 하라고 하셨다면서요. 진짜 장난하는것도 아니고 몇년째 승리한테 왜. 그러시는지 모르겠어요. 와이지가 소속사로서 서포트해주는게 있기는 한가요? 팬들이 얼마나 말해야 알아들으실 건가요. 이럴바엔 그냥 빅뱅 와이지에서 내보내 주세요. 지금 와이지가 있는게 빅뱅 덕분인데 그렇게 돈 벌어다줘서 결국 돌아오는게 이런 대접인가요? 앞으로 승리 콘서트 많이 남았는데 그때도 이런 일 발생하면 너무 화날 것 같아요. 남은 콘서트 서포트 최대한으로 해주세요. 다른 아티스트보다 승리를 우선으로 서포트 해주세요. 활동 몇달 남지도 않았는데 승리랑 팬들 생각좀 해주세요.”

(Trans: There were only 2 dancers at Seungri’s concert. All the dancers of YG went to support Blackpink. Also YG didn’t even know that there was a concert in HK today. They said to Seungri, “This is your concert so you should prepare by your own.” There was no Bandsix(Bigbang’s band for several years) and he also had to change the setlist because there was no support. We’re demanding Seungri’s support. There is nothing YG doing for Seungri. YG’s discrimination to Seungri has been for many years and we cannot endure it anymore. He has earned money a lot for YG, and is this the consequence of Seungri’s work to YG? Please support Seungri. Please prioritize Seungri from all of the artists.)

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Hashtags such as #JusticeForSeungri, #SeungriDeservesBetter and the names Seungri and Dara trended for a certain period of time wherein the VIPs and Blackjacks expressed their disappointment, and some were even furious because of the said treatment especially YG is not even promoting the said concert at all.

Filipino VIPs on the other hand, were working a lot promoting his upcoming concert here in Manila. Local fanbases and individuals started donation drives, a raffle for a cause, and many fan projects, gathering donations from the locals and even international VIPs. With donations gathered, they took the time to pay for advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube; a 2-day advertisement on the giant Mall of Asia globe; fund assistance to those who are in lack of funds to score a ticket, and even ticket giveaways were launched from the media partners for the said concert.

(This article is not promoting to spread hate towards Blackpink, YG Entertainment, local promoters, and organizers. All tweets and statements were taken with permission from concerned individuals.)

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