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Lee Dong Wook talks about working again with Yoo In Na in ‘Touch Your Heart’

Lee Dong Wook talks about the reason he chose 'Touch Your Heart' as his next project and Yoo In Na is part of it!

Lee Dong Wook talks about the reason he chose ‘Touch Your Heart’ as his next project and Yoo In Na is part of it!

In an interview, Lee Dong Wook said that his relationship and trust in the people behind the project was the reason he why he accepted his role in ‘Touch Your Heart’. He also said that Director Park Joon Hwa gave him a lot of encouragement when he was suggesting him the role of Kwon Jung Rok. In particular, he likes it when the director told him to find comfort and happiness in ‘Touch Your Heart’.

Lee Dong Wook also revealed that his comfort and trust with his on-screen partner Yoo In Na was one of the reasons why he accepted the role. He mentioned that they will try to show a different kind of chemistry from their previous hit drama ‘Goblin’.

He also thanked her for this reunion project because they’ve been doing very well ever since from script reading up to their filming. And because of Yoo In Na’s meticulous personality, she’s able to catch and fill in the part that he misses.

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He went on to describe his role in the drama as Kwon Jung Rok, a hard-headed perferctionist lawyer who has no interest in romance and has a fine line between work and personal life. He said that it will be fun to watch the transformation of his character from a serious lawyer to someone who has a very warm heart.

When asked about his similarity in his role, Lee Dong Wook said that he only has about 30 percent similarity stating that he likes his work but he is not as blunt as Kwon Jung Rok.

In addition, he shared that he is working hard to portray his character as a lawyer and be well-versed with some legal terms. He hopes that everyone will be excited to watch his new drama.

‘Touch Your Heart’ is set to air on February 6. Meanwhile, you can watch its teaser here.

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