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Jinyoung Looks So Cute Posing With His Promotional Ads Inside A Cinema Complex

On January 9, Link8 Entertainment, Jinyoung’s new agency posted a video of him walking around the CGV complex in Gangbyeon, Seoul.

The movie theater is filled with promotional ads of Jinyoung for his movie ‘The Man Inside Me’ from wall posters, stairs and overhead materials. He was so cute posing on almost every corner of the complex with handsome photos of himself.

‘The Man Inside Me’ is a movie about a teenager who falls from the roof, but finds himself in the body of a gangster. He is working alongside actors Park Sung Woong and Ra Mi Ran for this film. He’s also been casted in the upcoming coming-of-age romance drama, ‘Because It’s My First Love’.

Even though he’s currently busy with his acting career, Jinyoung said that he still finds time for his music and is open to work with B1A4 again.

Warch the full video below:

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