It’s like a breath of fresh air for B1A4’s leader and vocalist Jinyoung as he signed with Link 8 Entertainment. His new ‘home’ is a newly established agency located at Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Their company slogan such as “Dreams, Fly High” and “Promise, We Don’t Stay Silent” catches the attention of the fans.

According to some sources, Jinyoung is their first and only artist as of the moment. Yesterday, Link 8’s official Instagram account hinted a possible comeback that made B1A4’s fans especially Jinyoung stans excited and curious about the said post.

Out of excitement, the fans got curious about Jinyoung’s agency. Link 8 posted a photo with a caption that their website was temporarily down. (OMG mga bes! Isa ang Philippines sa mga nagvisit ng Link 8 Website. Philippine Banas are truly one of the best fans. ^^)

The fans are very happy to hear that Jinyoung’s new ‘home’ is already planning for his career. What made us more impress is their really trying to engage with the fans by asking about their ideas and opinions.

We’re looking forward to Jinyoung’s upcoming projects under his new label.

(Another K-drama, please? ^^)

How about you, mga bes? What do you think of Jinyoung’s new agency?

Tell us through our comment section below. ^^


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