Uhm Jung Hwa Returns To The Big Screen For a New Action-Comedy Film With Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Sun Bin And More Artists

On January 9, Sanai Pictures confirms the participation of actress Uhm Jung Hwa in the upcoming action-comedy move ‘Okay Madam’. It will be Uhm Jung Hwa’s comeback to the big screen after four years!

‘Okay Madam’ revolves around the hijacking incident caused by a North Korean operative who is in search of a missing agent.

Uhm Jung Hwa will play to role of Mi Young, a tough wife who owns a pretzel shop. Park Sung Woong will take on the role of Seok Hwa, Mi Young’s husband and a computer repair specialist.

The movie also casts Lee Sang Yoon who will take on the role of Cheol Seung, the North Korean operative behind the hijacking incident. He will act alongside Lee Sun Bin, who will play the role of Gwi Sun, North Korea’s best operative agent. And Bae Jung Nam who will be Hyun Min, a passionate airline crew.

‘Okay Madam’ is set to be released this 2019.

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