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‘Swing Kids’ Starring EXO’s Do Kyungsoo Continues To Capture The Korean Movie Scene

Swing Kids <스욍키즈> is a South Korean musical drama film set in the 1950s and is based on the Korean musical ‘Rho Ki-soo.’ Directed by Kang Hyeong-cheol, (the director behind the big films Scandal Makers (2008) and Sunny (2011).

This film stars Do Kyung-soo, rising actor and member of the Korean boy band EXO.

EXO’s Do Kyung-soo recently showed his amazing tap dancing skills when they came in as guest on JTBC’s Knowing Brothers.

Park Hye-su, a singer, won Kpop star 4 2014. Jared Grimes, a Broadway and a professional tap dancer, Oh Jung-se and Kim Min-ho.

Watch the trailer of the movie here:

The movie has been released and  continuously capturing the Korean movie scene since December 19, 2018. Setting a whooping record of 1 Million movie admissions recorded in December 27, 2018 in South Korea alone, the musical film surpassed ‘Aquaman’ and The ‘Drug King’ as of today, making it currently on the 1.3M mark, ranked 3rd by Pierce Conran from Modern Korean Cinema in the Top 15 Korean Films of 2018. Naver, an official Korean information source has given it 9.60/10 rating and an IMDb rating of 8.2 which is a testament to its quality. 

Swing Kids has been listed on top 5 dance movies alongside legends like the Hollywood movies, ‘Chicago’ and ‘Happy Feet’ and the first ever Korean movie in history granted to use the Beatles song “Free as a bird” as part of the movie soundtrack. With tap dancing and music as a main form to depict the story into its audiences, the movie is gaining praises from movie critics and has given a positive look by the Korean film industry. 

The movie is expected to be released in 23 countries in Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, Macao, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia; as well as in USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. With various praises from movie critics and movie enthusiasts alike, it is expected to hit a box office record as well.

A group dedicated to promote ‘Swing Kids’ in the PH is currently doing a petition to bring the movie to the Philippine cinemas.

You can help and sign the petition here:

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