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15 Korean idols with unique single letter stage name

The stage names of various Korean idols are just like everyone’s simple or unique birth names. We all know that names are one of the most common ways to identify a person or to recognize their cultural significance which can be linked to their respective character and background.

For idols, their monikers imply value to their individuality and are used as their assets to be identified and remembered easily.

What’s much interesting is there are 19 K-idols who chose a single letter stage name from the alphabet! Meet them all here:

A of Attack

I of BLK

I (Solo Artist)

J (Solo artist)

K (Solo artist)

K of Top Secret

K of Wonder Boyz

L of Infinite

M of Shinhwa


Q of The Boyz

U of 100%

U of ONF

V of BTS

Y of Golden Child

Choosing the best nickname may be crucial for everyone as it will forever be known by many; and the way how these Korean idols picked a single letter from the alphabet as their stage name is indeed amusing. As time goes by, Korean pop industry will surely expand more, is it possible that we will have the complete alphabet soon? Comment down your thoughts below, mga bes! Also, don’t forget to share who’s your bias from the list above.

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