Girls, Here are 5 Instagram Accounts to get K-fashion ‘OOTD’ Inspirations

written by: kianaformales

The K-wave is here and it’s stronger than ever, whether it be skincare, music, drama, and fashion! From our favorite female leads down to other roles, it is undeniable that these girls are killing it with their wardrobe pieces and OOTD games.

Now, if you are wondering how to achieve some of the killer looks or just finding good role models to help you slay the game, below are 5 (in no particular order) instagram accounts to get you inspired.

1. Park Gyuri

Make way for this bad-ass style! As stated from her instagram bio, she is a korean fashion influencer (no doubt!) Mga Bes, if your type of style is like CL’s or sexy, vibrant, and fierce type, I highly suggest checking her account out. You can also check out the tag #데일리규리룩 (Daily Gyuri Look) to explore her amazing outfits.

2. Mejiwoo / Jung Da Won

Her explorative sense of style, whether it be chic and fabulous to casual, is swoon-worthy, and her clothing line speaks her beautiful soul. Jung Hoseok’s (J-Hope) sister is also making a move in the fashion industry, and we’re here for it. Not to mention the fact that good looks do indeed run in the family!

3. Q2HAN

What’s up, qtees? Who could ever forget adding these stylish korean twins that are slaying the game of fashion?! QJin and Qwon are korean vloggers and they sure know how to mix and match pieces.

4. Roseha

Sweet, cute, and a bit romantic. These are the words that I would use to describe her sense of style. With the floral prints, lovely ruffles, flowy skirts, and pinks & peaches that seem to be elements that shows her vibe, this lovely Korean beauty and fashion vlogger surely blooms as beautiful as a rose.

5. Heizle

Not only is she reaaaaaallly good at makeup, she’s also good at dressing up! Her style is more feminine and classy, which reminds me of a lot of K-drama heroines and more. Heizle is a korean beauty and fashion vlogger that’s definitely going strong with her game. Head on to instagram and look her up!

Who’s you favorite? Share them in the comments!

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