Get Ready, Showtime!: 6 Signs That You Are Becoming An iKONIC

The life of a k-pop fangirl is really indeed a complicated one. It started with simple curiosity and now you’re finding yourself stalking another group. Well, admit it mga bes! We just love exploring things and stuff. I am not just talking about myself here, it also applies to all fangirls out there.

As I browse my newsfeeds, almost everyone keeps talking about this certain group. I bet you already know them. (Title palang bes! hihi…) They’re from one of Korea’s top 3 biggest entertainment agencies, YG Entertainment. This group was introduced through a survival show called Mix and Match. The final seven talented members are Bobby, Jinhwan, Ju-ne, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk and Chanwoo. They are the iKON.

Here’s a little information about them. According to the CEO of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun-suk, their name was derived from their goal to become an Icon For Korea. Their official debut was on the 15th of September 2015. Their fandom is called iKONICs.

Fell in love with them but are still confused about your feelings? Here are the possible 6 signs that you are becoming a certified iKONIC. Be sure to take note of these, maybe you’re experiencing it at the moment. (LOL!)

  1. Made a Special Playlist…Just For Them.
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When you took an effort to make a spotify (or any music platforms) playlist just for them. Nako bes! It is considered as a sign. Creating a playlist of a certain group or a solo artist is a sign that you actually like or even in-love with their songs and type of music that they are producing/releasing. (And you even put a heart icon beside their name! Wow bes! Ikaw na…este ako na? hahaha….)

2. You Started To Watch One of Their Variety Show Guestings and MVs…but Ended Up Downloading ALL of Them. 

Photo Credits To Mjane Capinpin

This photo just proved us that anything is possible when it comes to fangirling. Who cares about the memory space? internet data? (Iba talaga kapag nagmamahal ka eh… Kaya mong i-give up lahat, pati ang internal memory ng laptop/PC mo. LOL!)

3. When ‘Love Scenario’ Becomes Your Love Anthem

To be honest, i am one of those newborn iKONICs that became a fan because of this song. Everything is perfect. From the vocals, the melody, the rap parts and ofcourse the visuals of these seven angels. <3

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4. When You Hear the Children’s Song “Baby Shark”, The First Thing You Remember is iKON’s Leader, B.I.

This is such a special episode for all the iKONICs because of B.I’s bravery and decision to face his fear, doing an aegyo on national television. Hesitated at first but in the end, he chose to do it in front of his members, the hosts and the viewers. How brave! (Palakpakan naman jan for our leader-nim! haha!)

5. When You Start Following Them on Their SNS Accounts. <3

You can mark it as your first day of being an iKONIC, bes! So that you can remember when did you become a fan of them.

6. Last but DEFINITELY NOT Least, You were present during their visit here in the Philippines!

iKON visited the Philippines three times already! The first is during their Continue Tour back in 2018. Second, is their quick stint during the Samsung Launch in Okasa last 2019. And their most recent is when they come for K-Pop Masterz 2 in Manila!

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So how about you, bes? Are confirmed to be an iKONIC?

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