K-Pop Masterz in Manila Ep 2: Most Unforgettable Experience

At the K-Pop Masterz Ep 2 in Manila concert, which was prepared and promoted by PULP Live World, GOT7’s Youngjae, ATEEZ, and iKON, performed live in the Araneta Coliseum last Friday, September 23, 2022.

Image Source: Pulp Live World

As a Kpop fan who values experiences, I always look forward to attending events that feature my favorite artists. And as a 2nd gen stan, I was overjoyed to hear that the 2022 K-Pop Masterz in Manila Ep 2 was confirmed because it will be the first concert I’ll be attending in more than two years since pandemic happened.

When I entered the venue, I could clearly see the lightsticks that Ahgases, ATinys, and iKONICs had brought to the arena to show their support for all of the artists. And it’s so beautiful to see the Araneta Coliseum filled with aesthetically beautiful lightsticks from different fandoms.

The first performer was GOT7’s Youngjae, who charmed the audience with his lovely vocals while singing his hit songs Vibin’, Sugar, Focus, and Crema. He also gave several signed balls during his performance!

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The top three songs on Youngjae’s playlist are Girls Girls Girls, NANANA, and Never Ever, which he revealed during the TMI Talk segment. He also said that he has a LOT of white shirts and diaries at home!

Next up was ATEEZ, who energized the audience with their opening set of Guerilla, Pirate King, and Say My Name before going on to perform Wave and The Real. In the Relay Mission Game segment, the members participated in several games such as Sepak Takraw, Moving Archery, and Relay Quiz, all of which they won. Additionally, the fans received the signed balls as part of the reward of ATEEZ for this game.

Finally, iKON, a group that nearly everyone in the venue is anticipating to perform. And it truly moved me to see that the venue was lit entirely in red, as if their group were performing alone. Sinosijak, Rhythm Ta, Bling Bling, Love Scenario, Freedom, and their newest song, But You, were all performed by iKON.

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Additionally, a special thank you to MC Ryan Bang for making it more entertaining and enjoyable for all the fans!

Lastly, kudos to Ms. Happee Hour and Pulp Live World for organizing this wonderful and successful concert! Without them, none of this would be possible. A big thanks for the whole team for making this concert happen!

For more upcoming concert, you may follow PULP Live World in their social media accounts!

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