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​9 Good Reasons Why Melodies Don’t Really Have to Wait for the Comeback of BTOB

Waiting for our KPop idols' comeback is a mixed emotion of excitement and longingness. But not for the BTOB Melodies. Here's why:

Waiting for our KPop idols’ comeback is a mixed emotion of excitement and longingness. But not for BTOB’s Melodies. Here’s why:

1. While waiting for their comeback, BTOB released Piece of BTOB.

It is a solo track of each members of the group which highlights their individual talents. #StanTalent

Changsub’s At The End

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D-day 예지앞사❤

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Ilhoon’s Fancy Shoes

Peniel’s That Girl

Hyunsik’s Swimming

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Minhyuk’s Purple Rain

SungJae’s Tell Me

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EunKwang’s One Day

2. Changsub and Eun Kwang had musicals. 

The Seonatas and Omegas are surely proud of these two talented singers.

Changsub in Napoleon

Eun Kwang in Hamlet

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은광아!!가자!!! 지금부터 난 햄릿이다!!

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3. Ilhoon and Jisook had a collaboration. 

Feels, kalma. He’s a bias wrecker.

4. Japan Comeback with Brand New Days.

The boys are back with a dreamy MV for the Brand New Days. It’s so good that you would want them to appear in your dreams.

5. Changsub’s concert in Japan.

Warning: He’s another bias wrecker

6. Fan Meeting in Bangkok

7. Super Popcon in Manila

They came back to the Philippines shortly after the OneK Concert last March 2017. And our feels weren’t able to kalma.

8. Endorsements

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#화보공유이벤트 . 🎉TBJ 2017신상 #폴링스웻셔츠 입고 뛰어보자 팔짝🎉~! 믿고보는 TBJxBTOB화보 공유하고 #비투비친필사인에코백 받자😁! . 👉#비공개 계정은 당첨명단에서 제외됩니다👈. . ▶Step 1. @tbj_nearby 팔로우 후, TBJ x BTOB 폴링스웻셔츠컷 리그램. . ▶Step 2. #TBJ #폴링스웻셔츠 #받고싶은멤버 @친구소환 + 리그램완료 댓글. . ✔️이벤트 상품 | 비투비 친필사인 에코백 ✔️이벤트 기간 | 2017.08.18 – 08.21 (4일간). ✔️당첨자 | 총 7명. ✔️당첨자 발표 | 2017.08.22 화요일. . . #tbj #tbj_nearby #가을화보 #가을신상 #폴링스웻셔츠 #서은광 #이민혁 #이창섭 #임현식 #프니엘 #정일훈 #육성재 #육성재맨투맨 #맨투맨추천 #커플맨투맨 #신상 #남자가을코디 #비투비 #BTOB #멜로디 #예지앞사 #2017신상 #OOTD #STREETFASHION

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SungJae for Sprite

SungJae, why did you do this? Wae?

9. Celebrations!

2,000 Days with BTOB

BTOB Blue Anniversary

BTOB Official Twitter Account Reached the 1 Million Mark


BTOB will be having their comeback by mid or late October of this year. What kind of music would you like to hear for their comeback?

Meanwhile, BTOB Philippines will hold its 3rd Major Gathering on September 24, 2:00 pm at Megatrade Function Room B, SM Megamall.

A List by Kath Yook (on Facebook)

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  1. Also BTOB’s OST Opportunities:
    – Eunkwang, Hyunsik & Sungjae’s OST “Ambiguous”
    – Changsub’s OST “What’s’ On Your Mind”

    BTOB’s TV Show appearances:
    – OT7’s Knowing Brothers
    – Hyung Line’s Battle Trip
    – Eunkwang and Sungjae’s Oppa Thinking
    – BTOB Blue’s Immortal Songs
    – Hyunsik’s King of Mask Singer
    – Sungjae and Rapper Line’s Fantastic Duo

    Their constant schedules of VLIVE Broadcasts

    Their Instagram Live Broadcasts

    Twitter and Instagram Updates

    Peniel’s VLOG

    and mooooooooooooooooooooooooore ❤


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