“Ohhhhh everytime I see you, mood ko ay sumisigla, feels ko walang kalma~”

Song Joong Ki is my main oppa. Maybe yours too. Most of the korean drama fans love him because he is handsome, talented, kind and MANY MORE. I tried to narrow down the reasons why I love him and here it goes…

1. His pout talk. He has a very unique mouth structure. When he talks or moves his lips he tends to unconsciously pout so much. Like look,  jusko ang sarap i-kiss eh. #SorryNaHyeKyo

Image result for song joong ki lip

Image result for song joong ki lip

2. He is a versatile actor. Before being the Big Boss, he portrayed a variety of roles from being a wolf to being a penniless hottie. Here are some of his memorable roles.

This is his debut as an actor. He played as one of the guards of the king in this movie “A Frozen Flower”.  Though medyo nakakaiyak lang kasi napugutan siya ng ulo dito sa bandang huli. Ay jusko spoiler sorry na.  Ayoko na. Hahahahaha. 


He made a great impact when he artistically played as a wolf in A Werewolf Boy. Wala sya masyadong lines pero mygad, yung acting nya is life. Sarap paliguan bes! #SorryNaHyeKyo! 


He also proved himself as a drama actor when he played as a revengeful man in Innocent Man. I particularly cried at this scene because his facial expression really is enough para malabas nya yung emotions nya.

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Image result for innocent man song joong ki

Then of course, when he played as Big Boss. Do I need to explain more? We missed him because this was his first kdrama after being in the military for 2 years! And he slayed the role. Masyadong bagay sa kanya yung role, jusko sineryoso masyado bes pati si Hye Kyo sineryoso. Mygad! 

Image result for dots man song joong ki

3.  He is a kind man. Song Joong Ki is one of the korean celebrities who is known for being kind, polite, and generous. He was a shy kid and actually overcame it when his parent enrolled him to different social activities. He also does charity things. He donated the entire money he earned as a narrator for a documentary for MBC “Tears of the Antarctic” to the Tears of the Earth charity. He don’t smoke. But he drinks and according to Lee Kwang Soo he has weird drinking habits. I wonder? Hahahaha. 

4. He is beauty and brains. He graduated Business Administration degree in 2012 at Sungkyunkwan University where he got admitted with a score of 380 out of 400.

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5. When he smiles, we smile. When he cries, we cry. He can literally lighten up your mood by just his smile and at the same time he can instantly make you cry when he cry.  Yung totoo nasayo ba yung remote ng feels ko Oppa?  

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Dear Song Joong Ki, I wish you find the happiness you truly deserve!

Written by: Annyeong Oppa (Anj) 




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