As a kdrama fan who loves to board ships, it’s really satisfying to see your OTP (One True Pairing) become real. Like bes! mYGAD! This is it! Hindi ko ‘to lovelife pero jusko ang saya saya ko for them! 

I listed these pairings that really caught our attention, these pairings had so much chemistry that we want them to happen off screen too… all aboard!

JONGJOO Couple (Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo) 

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The chemistry is there. Lahat ng skinships nila bes hindi natin kinaya. We shipped them so hard, pero I really don’t know kung ganon ba si Lee Jon Suk talaga, kasi he’s really known to be a sweet person, and we all know that! Pero malay nyo one of these days biglang may ilabas na news, *ehem dispatch* lol.

PARKPARK Couple (Park Hyungsik and Park Boyoung) 

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There’s a ship, but it still on the dock. Hindi pa nagsasail. But then we are waiting. Their interviews were seriously heart fluttering. The fact the Park Hyunsik has a crush on Park Boyoung in real life is a living proof that it can happen. Though, the chances is still blurry, we are waiting…. no pressure hahahah!

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 Junyeol and Hyeri Couple 

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After all this time, sila parin sa bandang huli.. It was really a shocking moment when the news got out that they are dating. Like mga bes, okay na rin na si Bogummy nakatuluyan nya sa Reply, kasi in real naman pala si Junghwan parin 🙂

NAMLEE Couple (Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sungkyung) 

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The ship has sailed. It SAILED. Nawala sa karagatan.. pero naniniwala ang NamLee Shippers na one of these days, biglang magpapakita yung ship nila. Never lose hope. Yes it sailed and will forever sail.

And finally… The SONGSONG Couple (Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo)

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Almost all the viewers shipped them. Nobody in the fandom doubted their chemistry. Although Hyekyo is older than Joongki, they got the spark na kinuryente ang feels nating SongSong shippers.

Almost one year din silang nag deny. Pero the photos, videos, and their chemistry can’t hide what’s really going on. Nung una “noona” pa nga ang pinalabas nila. I think that time marami ng Song Song Shippers ang nawalan ng hope kasi nga baka wala naman talaga sa sobrang daming beses na tinanggi nila.

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While of us is on our *calm mode* they finally said it. And no, it’s just not a confirmation of their relationship but an announcement of their marriage that will take place in just a few months. SINONG HINDI NAGWALA NUNG NALAMAN YUN?? I literally screamed when I read the news! Like MYGADDDDD! TAYO NA’T MAGLAYAG! THE SHIP IS LEGITLY SAILING!

I will totally sink with this ship!

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  1. What do you think of Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun? *cross fingers*.
    Congrats for having a blog, girl! And please release the part 2 of drama cross over serye 🙂 power! God bless on your fangirling. Update us always!

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