In a much-anticipated press conference for Netflix’s upcoming series, “Doona,” Bae Suzy dazzled the audience as she showcased her visuals and spoke about her deep connection with the character she portrays.

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The event shed light on the chemistry between the lead actors, Bae Suzy and Yang Se Jong, and provided intriguing insights into the show. Here’s a closer look at what unfolded during the Netflix press conference for “Doona.”

Bae Suzy, who portrays the character Doona, shared her excitement for the role, saying, “I also had some parts when I really felt for the character, Doona.” She went on to describe how involved she became, confessing, “My heart was really fluttering; I would sometimes scream when I was reading the script.” It’s clear that Suzy poured her heart and soul into the character, promising an emotionally charged performance that’s bound to captivate audiences.

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While discussing her role in the drama’s K-pop group, Dream Sweet, Suzy reminisced about her time rehearsing and performing with her fellow cast members.

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She candidly expressed, “While we were filming the show, we had to practice. It’s been quite a long time since I had members together with me, and doing a group performance. It was quite new because I had different members this time. But we got quite close to each other. At first, it was a mess, but later on, we became better synchronized as a group. So, I felt very satisfied.”

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Yang Se Jong, Suzy’s co-star, also chimed in about their on-screen chemistry, saying, “We would know what each other is thinking by looking at each other.” The cast’s ability to convey their characters’ emotions and thoughts effectively is undoubtedly one of the series’ strengths.

When Yang Se Jong talked about his character, Won Joon, he revealed the meticulous efforts he put into portraying a character around 10 years younger than himself. Laser treatments, facials, face masks, and weight loss were part of his preparation, demonstrating his commitment to delivering a convincing performance.

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What’s intriguing is the depth of connection Suzy feels with her character, Doona. She explained, “I did think of when I was part of a girl group. So, looking back, I felt that there were moments when I felt I was struggling. I think I tried to deny that I was struggling. But Doona is different. She would express her feelings to every extent. So, I kind of was envious of her, and I could resonate with her in that sense.”

It’s clear that Suzy’s portrayal of Doona goes beyond the surface; she’s deeply connected to the character’s emotional journey.

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As the Netflix press conference for “Doona” drew to a close, it left fans with high expectations and eager anticipation for the series’ release.

The new series is now up on Netlfix and it promises to be a must-watch series that combines outstanding performances with a captivating storyline. Don’t miss this exciting journey into the world of “Doona.”

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Enjoy watching mga, bes!

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