Stellar line-up of K-Romance coming soon on Netflix!

It’s been five weeks already since King the Land landed on our small screens and every time we watch each episode, it never fails to give us butterflies and grin from ear to ear. No wonder King the Land has won over audiences worldwide, securing the top spot on Netflix’s Global Top 10 Non-English TV chart for two consecutive weeks.

King the Land is a classic rom-com series that depicts a romantic and comical love story of Gu Won (Lee Junho), a chaebol heir who detests fake smiles, and a bubbly hotelier Cheon Sa Rang (Im Yoona).

Can’t get enough of heart-fluttering moments in King the Land? Netflix has a lineup of new shows that are sure to make your heart flutter.

1. Behind Your Touch

Starring: Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, Ju Min Kyung, Suho

Release Date: August 12, 2023

Synopsis: It tells the story of a woman named Ye Boon, who has psychometric powers, and Jang Yeol, a passionate detective. Using her powers, Ye Boon helps Jang Yeol in solving Jang Yeol’s case. This is not your typical rom-com, but a “com-rom” that will be fully packed with laughter.

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2. Destined with You

Starring: Rowoon, Cho Bo Ah, Ha Jun, Yura

Release Date: August 23, 2023

Synopsis: The series depicts a love story of a woman who acquires a forbidden book that was sealed 350 years ago and a man who becomes a victim of it.

3. A Time Called You

Starring: Ahn Hyo Seop, Jeon Yeo Been, Kang Hoon 

Release Date: Q3

Synopsis:  A Korean remake of the hit Taiwanese drama, Someday or One Day depicts a story of a woman who longs for her deceased boyfriend who died due to an accident. She goes back to 1998 through a portable cassette and meets a man who looks exactly like her late boyfriend.

4. Castaway Diva

Starring: Park Eun Bin

Synopsis: The story revolves around a woman named, Seo Mok Ha an aspiring singer who becomes a castaway, isolated on a deserted island for 15 years. Despite of what happened to her, Mok Ha is determined to become Diva.

5. Doona

Starring: Suzy, Yang Se Jong

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Release Date: Q4

Synopsis: A romantic series that depicts the heart-pounding love story of Doona, a former K-pop Idol, and Won Joon, an ordinary university student.

Get ready to fall in love, only on Netflix!

Source: PR from Netflix

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