AO Exclusive: Highlights from The Worst of Evil Press Conference

A day ahead of its much-awaited release, Director Han Dong Wook together with lead stars Ji Chang Wook, Wi Ha Jun and Lim Se Mi graced the media conference of their upcoming action-drama series for Disney+, The Worst of Evil.

Annyeong Oppa through the invitation of Disney+ PH attended virtually along with the other members of the global press. Park Kyung Lim hosted the event.

The press conference started with some photo time with the cast. Unquestionably picture-perfect, Ji Chang Wook and Wi Ha Jun looked dashing in their stylish suits. Lim Se Mi’s simple yet elegant LBD (Little Black Dress) was equally striking as well. Even Director Han was notably fashionable during the meet-up too.

Disney+ prepared a 5-minute feature that gave an overview of what The Worst of Evil has to offer to its viewers. The action-packed scenes are a given but the supporting cast completes the winning formula of the series. To describe it as INTENSE is still lacking, POWERFUL might be it.

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On casting Ji Chang Wook, Wi Ha Jun and Lim Se Mi

Director Han is an all-rounder whose strong background in film-making was chosen to lead the production team. When asked on how the casting were considered, he gave nothing but the best words to describe his actors. Ji Chang Wook with his iconic roles in Healer and K2 has been a top actor of choice in the action-drama genre. Considered now a “veteran”, he is born for this kind of role. On the other hand, Wi Ha Jun’s duality made him the perfect fit to play the fierce and brutal antagonist, Jung Gi Cheol. Both actors agreed that they give off different vibes in doing action scenes but are very much influenced by each other while working together. Lim Se Mi’s cool and charismatic personality gives the perfect balance for the two strong leads. She accepted to join the drama because of its gripping script who created a self-driven character in Yu Eui Jong.

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On why it is not just your typical action drama

Set in 90’s Gangnam, Director Han worked closely with the production design team to create a set that will bring back the 90’s to 2023. On what sets it apart from any undercover drama, it is the way it was written which gave birth to strong characters brought to life by such hardworking actors. The writer did a good job in revealing actual emotions without overtly being expressive about it. From Ji Chang Wook’s perspective, it is to ask the question, “Why are they fighting?”. Understanding the emotional turmoil of each character and expressing them through the action scenes was the core of this drama.

“The fear in my expression and eyes was intended.” Playing the extremely hard-headed person with a painful past, Wi Ha Jun is showing a different side of him as an actor in The Worst of Evil.

On the drama’s broadcast date coinciding with Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day)

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Following the success of another Disney+ series, Moving, Director Han and the whole cast believes that The Worst of Evil is a good work with its own unique story, tone and mood which is set to be released during a fortunate time. While categorically not a family drama as how Wi Ha Jun described it, each member of the family can enjoy watching it during their own individual time.

The one-hour press conference ended on a light note with Wi Ha Jun responding to the question “What kind of sexy are you this time?”

“The Worst Sexy/The Evil Sexy”, he said with a shy laugh.

With Disney+ producing buzzworthy dramas, The Worst of Evil might be the next big hit of the streaming platform after Moving.

The Worst of Evil will air on Disney+ with a three-episode premiere starting September 27.

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