AO EXCLUSIVE: Ok Taecyeon shares his memorable experience during his first visit to Manila, expresses how happy he is to come back!

After 10 years of waiting, PH OKtizens are finally reunited with Ok Taecyeon for his first-ever fan meeting in Manila!

On a rainy evening on September 22, an exclusive press conference was held at Novotel Manila, Araneta City ahead of Ok Taecyeon’s “SpecialTY” fan meeting in Manila and fortunately, The Annyeong Oppa team was in attendance at the said event along with the lucky PH OKtizens who won the raffle.

Ok Taecyeon started his career in 2008 as one of the talented and charismatic members of the South Korean boy group, 2PM. In 2010, he successfully debuted as an actor through the drama, Cinderella’s Sister and is known for his remarkable roles in the dramas, Dream High, Bring it On Ghost, Save Me, Vincenzo, Secret Royal Inspector & Joy, Blind, and his recently ended drama, Heartbeat.

Taec brightened up our gloomy night when he finally appeared. He said, “Kahit umuulan, salamat sa pagpunta”. We were so surprised when he said that. He’s so great!

What he feels about coming back to the Philippines

Kring Kim, the host of the event initially asked about what Ok Taecyeon feels about coming back to the Philippines. Taecyeon said that it’s been quite a while since he has been here in Manila, it’s been 10 years already since he came here, “it’s amazing”, he added.

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He shared that he remembered that the last time he went here was so hot. Despite the rain, Taec felt the love and support of his Filipino fans, so he is very grateful and happy to be back here again.

When asked about his memorable experience during his first visit here in Manila, he said that when he first visited here it was for a 2PM concert. The loud cheers, the support, and the energy the fans showed to them during their concert were so memorable for him and the other 2PM members.

The 15 years journey of his career

It was in 2008 when Ok Taecyeon debuted as one of the members of 2PM. Time flies so fast and it’s been 15 years already since his debut. He said that it felt like yesterday when they debuted, and he felt great. He also said that 2PM members are like a family that depends on each other, trust, help, and support each other.

“I am pretty sure that I’ve learned a lot of things from my experiences and got wiser. I think I’ve learned a lot of things from my experiences as well as my mistakes, so I’m me because of those 15 years”


Aside from being a performer, he is also a great versatile actor, Taecyeon said there’s no difference between him being, an actor and a performer it’s his way of expressing himself. He doesn’t think that it has something to do with differences, he feels that he is an entertainer who brings happiness to fans whenever he sings, act, and dance.

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When asked about his advice to his younger self 15 years ago he said, “I think I am here now as me because learned those things within my 15 years, so if I tell my younger self, me sending here before you would have been the same thing so why change that?” Then he added, “and maybe come back to the Philippines a lot”.

Taecyeon as a successful actor and singer

Because of Taec’s hard work and dedication, he became a successful singer and actor. He said that the fans are his biggest motivation to keep going in life. We were so touched when one fan shouted, “Thank you” and he responded, “No, thank you”. He is so sweet and cherishes his fans so much.

Taecyeon also shared that his goal for now is to expand his spectrum as an actor. He wants to try various roles. When asked about the specific role he wants to try on his next project, he said that since he is known for his physique, he wants to try a role that will allow him to show his physique more than the characters that he has previously done. “Maybe a boxer”, he specified.

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What Taecyeon wants people to remember about him

Taec said that he wants people to remember him as a person who makes everyone happy, and he wants the fans to feel very happy in everything he does and wants to be part of their life where they can see him as an energizer and strength.

The press conference wrapped up with Ok Taecyeon saying “Kahit umuulan, salamat sa pagpunta”.

Big thanks to PULP Live World for this opportunity. We were so happy to finally see him in person. He is so amazing!

Here is a glimpse of the press conference:

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