Ok Taecyeon is a South Korean idol and actor who is a member of the beloved boy group 2PM.

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Here are some random fun facts that you need to know about Taecyeon!


Taecyeon was born and raised in South Korea. He went to Boston, Massachusetts USA with his family to study at the age of 12.

Reminiscing on how he became an idol trainee, he narrated that he found out about the JYP audition for a survival program through a website pop-up. With his sister and a younger cousin, they went to the auditions in New York and coolly tried for fun.

He got a callback from the auditions and decided to go to South Korea again to pursue being an idol.

He attended Dankook University in college. During his first year, he wasn’t a 2PM member yet. He was an outsider and didn’t know anyone. The following semester, he was already a celebrity, and all of a sudden, everybody knew him and started greeting him.

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2PM debuted in 2008 and Taecyeon looked back at the time being a great era for idol groups, having debuted with SHINee, 2AM, Wonder Girls, Super Junior among others.

He also recalled being on the same shows with TVXQ and saw how big they were with their many fans and wanted to be as big as them.

He shared that his favorite 2PM song is ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’ as he thinks that the song is empowering.

During the interview, a photo of him standing in front of the class in the university posing for photos with his broken arm. With this, Taecyeon shared a funny memory when 2PM was in Japan to promote their song ‘Beautiful’. They were fooling around during a 10-minute break and decided to play arm wrestling and he got his arm broken and had to undergo surgery while playing with Junho. (Ouch!)


Taecyeon started his acting career in 2010 with the drama ‘Cinderella’s Sister’.

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Photo courtesy of KBS World

He then admitted that when he got the offer, he was scared because he didn’t think he could pull it off. He asked for his lines to be reduced as much as possible as he wasn’t comfortable in acting.

He also shared that he watches everything he does to monitor himself and perform better next time for his growth as an actor.

He is hoping to do projects in the US and is open to doing any role but doesn’t want a stereotypical Asian kid character. He is willing to grab opportunities but still has a preference as to how Asians are represented on screen.

2PM IN 2023

Taecyeon shared that he and the rest of the 2PM members have prepared for their 15th anniversary concert in South Korea and Japan.

He mentioned that the goal of 2PM now is to keep the name going and don’t want to pressure themselves and work on something mediocre. They are at a point where they just want the name of 2PM to last and be protected.

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As of this writing, 2PM has successfully finished their 2 sold-out shows in South Korea last September 9th and 10th and will go to Japan for another set of shows next month.

2PM at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul for their 15th anniversary concert. Photo courtesy of follow_2PM on X

In addition, Taecyeon also recently finished working on the drama series ‘Heartbeat‘ and is scheduled to have his solo fanmeeting in the Philippines on September 23rd.

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