Rookie group KISS OF LIFE talks about their successful debut + get a chance to win their signed albums!

Rookie girl group KISS OF LIFE debuted last July 5, 2023, with members Julie, Natty, Belle, and Haneul. They debuted with the mini album KISS OF LIFE with the title track “Shhh”.

Their agency, S2 Entertainment, said that the name (KISS OF LIFE) signifies their ambition to “breathe a new life into the music industry with their music and charm.”

Along with their debut album promotions, KISS OF LIFE did a bunch of fan signs to meet and greet their fans.

KISS OF LIFE held their last fan sign event with FLNK and FLNK magazine joined them backstage for an interview!

L-R: Belle, Natty, Julie, Haneul

Backstage interview with KISS OF LIFE

KISS OF LIFE’s leader, Julie, shared that they were happy and excited to meet their fans. Meeting their fans through a fan sign event is always a great feeling for her.

Natty, KISS OF LIFE’s main dancer, added that they are already preparing for their upcoming comeback and they are making sure that they are working hard to return as a cooler and more mature group after their debut last July. KISSYs are sure excited about it!

The members shared their thoughts about performing their solo songs on music broadcasts: Julie said that performing as a group and solo is different. She was happy she got the chance to perform solo on stage. Natty added that she participated in the performance with the director and gave her opinions as well. Belle was happy that she was able to perform solo but also felt a bit sad because she had to fill the whole stage without the members. Nonetheless, she is proud of them. Finally, Haneul said that she was happy and grateful that they were able to release a solo from the beginning.

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Congratulations on your successful debut and promotion KISS OF LIFE!

Read more about KISS OF LIFE’s interview with FLNK magazine here.

Watch KISS OF LIFE’s video message for Filipino KISSYs:

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Good luck to all KISSYs!

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All images are courtesy of FLNK

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