Gear up ‘One Piece’ PH fans, it’s a fan celebration this August 30!

To all ‘One Piece’ PH fans, gear up and don’t miss out the chance to join the fan celebration and meet friends this August 30!

Prior the premiere and on the most-awaited date as well — August 31, fans worldwide will be celebrating the enthusiastically anticipated live-action adaptation of One Piece coming to Netflix.

One Piece is an anime and manga series by Eiichiro Oda, it revolves around the story of Monkey D. Luffy together with his crew in their journey of searching the famed and greatest treasure that every pirates desired — the One Piece.

As Luffy dreamed of becoming ‘King of the Pirates,’ he gained a solid crew (Straw Hats), them being a limelight in their island adventures!

Of course, viewers will be seeing the sensational Straw Hats in the live-action adaptation. Casts include the following:

  • Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy
  • Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro
  • Emily Rudd as Nami
  • Jacob Romero as Usopp
  • Taz Skylar as Sanji
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As per Netflix’s announcement, here are the countries that will be participating on the One Piece fan celebration:

Photo courtesy: Netflix

In Philippines, the fan celebration is set on August 30 that will be happening in Taguig, Metro Manila.

More details to be announced soon so stay tuned!

(Featured photo credit: Netflix)

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