The newest 12-episode series on Netflix titled Celebrity has been making a buzz because of its intriguing storyline. It is about an ordinary girl with an effortless high taste in fashion who then becomes a famous influencer.

If you are wondering if it is worthy of being added to your watchlist, well, all those talks around the place are not a hoax! If you are up for some real slap in the dark side of fame and an unforeseen twist of events, then take this as a sign to start preparing your snacks for a ride to the media industry.

1. Superb Casting

One thing that this series can be proud of is its perfectly-fit line of cast. The series wouldn’t be convincing without the accurate portrayal of the cast, but fret not since Celebrity just casted casts that live up to its role!

Park Gyu Young plays the lead named Seo Ari and she really portrayed it well that I become her fan. I believe that she was born to play Seo Ari’s role. She has this charm that you can really see her as an influencer. And it’s not just her but also the other cast!

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2. Twist and Fame

The storyline centering on the world of influencers and celebrities is something fresh and trendy, particularly in today’s era. A lot of people found fame by simply posting on social media with their charm as their asset, there are also people who aspired to be famous but fame is not really on their side. Here, in this series, we will see how someone can become popular and called an influencer in an instant and how fast money can they grow, as well as see the dark side of fame full of jealousy where people are dying to bring you down.

3. Reality as Public Figures

Moreover, the reality of public figures being subject to both hate and love depending on the information flaunted on social media was also present, showing how people can easily judge and break you. As a public figure, you must behave well, you must be perfect. If there’s an action that the crowd did not like, they will easily condemn you as if they know you fully.

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A hard truth to swallow is that people easily believe what’s spreading on social media without any fact-checking which leads to breaking one’s confidence and may turn to ruining one’s life. If you are an influencer, you must be perfectly kind, beautiful, and rich.

4. Where Money Can Lead You

Some say money is the root of all evil. Because of money, you will be blinded by it and can even do something beyond’s one’s conscience.

But why is it that some people with money tend to look down on those people below their status? Is it how you think and lived by that status? Careful as poor or rich, we are still humans. Some were eaten by their greed and some were full of jealousy — that’s where money can lead you.

That’s it, bes! Celebrity is available on Netflix, so ready yourselves for this series.

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