In case you missed it, Hwasa has parted ways with her long-time agency, RBW. According to Star News, Hwasa has decided to join P-Nation, the label run by PSY.

She’s made the announcement in the most Hwasa way possible! During PSY’s 2023 Summer Swag Event, Hwasa made a surprise appearance. While PSY hinted that there was a pending contract signing with Hwasa, she suddenly showed up, signing the contract instantly!

Afterward, she performed her hit song, Maria. She continued to greet the crowd:

“Hello everyone. This is Hwasa, and I joined P-Nation a few minutes ago.” She also explained that her contract signing was not staged and that the paper she signed earlier was real. After her iconic contract signing, P-Nation released a statement confirming and welcoming Hwasa to their label.

P-Nation stated that they will fully support Hwasa in her activities as a singer and as part of MAMAMOO.

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Hwasa later on shared on her Instagram some snaps of her experience on the concluded 2023 Summer Swag.

This announcement makes Hwasa the newest signed artist under the label. She will join Crush, Heize, PENOMECO, Swings, and the group The New Six (TNX). As part of MAMAMOO, Hwasa visited the Philippines during their MYCON Asia Tour in February 2023.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from PSY’s Video

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