Sandara Park reveals fandom name + tracklist for digital album

It’s now official, DARAlings!

Sandara Park finally revealed her fandom name in her latest video on DARA TV.

It’s a name that many fans have been already using for years and everyone is excited to be recognized officially.

DARAling = Dara’s darling who’ll love her forever; DARA + Darling; like a lover, partner, supporter for everything Dara does in the future; combination of dazzling + Dara

Watch the full video here:

The tracklist for the upcoming digital album entitled ‘SANDARA PARK’ was also revealed to have 5 tracks and Sandara was involved in writing the lyrics for a couple of them.

Photo courtesy of @krungy21 on Twitter

Next week, concept photos will be released while the official MV and digital album on July 12 at 6 PM (KST)

Such a festive concept that sets the mood for a big celebration. You’re all invited to ‘SANDARA PARK‘, opening very soon!

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