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Seventeen smashes highest pre-order record for a K-Pop album

With the upcoming release of ‘FML,’ Seventeen and their fans, known as Carats, are poised to make history together.

Seventeen’s 10th mini album, ‘FML’, has shattered records by exceeding 4.64 million pre-orders both domestically and abroad. This figure not only far surpasses the 2,067,769 copies sold during the first week of the group’s 4th full-length album, ‘Face the Sun,’ but also represents the highest pre-order volume for any K-pop album ever.

Seventeen is set to make history with the release of their first-ever double title track since their debut. The contrasting songs, ‘F*ck My Life’ and ‘Super,’ showcase the group’s versatility and promise to captivate fans with unprecedented performances. ‘F*ck My Life’ delivers straightforward and honest lyrics, expressing frustration with the world and acknowledging the harsh realities of life.

In contrast, ‘Super’ draws inspiration from Son Oh Gong, a character from the classic Korean novel ‘Journey to the West’ who constantly improves himself through trials and setbacks. The song conveys a powerful message of resilience and determination, encouraging listeners to keep pushing forward in the face of adversity.

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The album is set to be released on April 24.

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