Rising South Korean actress, Shin Ye-eun has been grabbing our attention due to her great acting. Just like any other actress, Shin Ye-eun started with small roles before taking roles for mainstream TV shows.

From a good girl to a rebellious teenager, to a psychotic villain, to a clumsy guest house owner, Shin Ye-eun proved that she can nail any role that can either make audiences sympathize, hate, or love her character.

Here’s a timeline of Shin Ye-eun’s throughout her career so far:

Do Ha-na of “A-Teen”

In her first acting role, Shin Ye-eun portrayed Do Hana, a girl with a strong personality who is caring towards her friends, is confused about what she wants to do with life, and harbors secret feelings towards Ha Min (played by Kim Dong-hee).

Just like any other teenager, Hana had a crisis about what she wanted to do with her life but in the end, through her friends, she realized she can use her hobby and skill in art as her career.

Yoon Jae-in of “He Is Psychometric”

Cold and distant, Jae-in is not far from Do Ha-na’s strong personality. However, unlike Shin Ye-eun’s previous role, this one takes a more serious approach as her character has a deep dark secret.

Like Do Ha-na, Jae-in also likes to keep a strong face and not let people think she is weak. But she also has a soft spot for Lee An (played by Park Jinyoung) and their ‘Grumpy-Sunshine’ tandem is sending us all the kilig feels!

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Kim Sol-ah in “Welcome”

This time, Shin Ye-eun plays a character in her twenties in this light, romantic K-Drama.

Graphic designer, Kim Sol-ah is in her twenties and adopts a cat named Hong-jo. What she doesn’t know is that this cat can transform into a human (played by Kim Myung-soo)!

Kyung Woo-yeon in “More Than Friends”

From a light and sweet story, Shin Ye-eun shifts to a more mature character for this heartbreaking K-Drama.

Kyung Woo-yeon has always liked her best friend, Lee Soo (played by Ong Seong-woo). Despite confessing to him many times, she always gets rejected but continues to like him. All things change when Woo-yeon starts entering a serious relationship with Joon-soo (played by Kim Dong-jun) and Lee Soo starts getting jealous and realizing his feelings for his best friend.

Shin Ye-eun perfectly depicts what it’s like to fall for your best friend and risk your friendship. Her cries and dialogues make us feel that her character is a real person that we can’t help but relate to and cry over.

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Ok Chan-mi in “Revenge of Others”

Playing a high school student once again but Shin Ye-eun’s character also becomes more serious.

Ok Chan-mi is a high school student who tries to solve the sudden death of her twin brother. She transfers to her brother’s school and finds that there are bullies, suspecting one of them might have killed her brother. She vows to take revenge on whoever is responsible for her brother’s death by teaming up with Ji Soo-heon (played by Lomon).

Park Yeon-jin in “The Glory”

Out of all the roles Shin Ye-eun had, this is the most controversial one yet.

Her role in The Glory is the young version of Park Yeon-jin, the series’s main villain. As a high school student, she is a bully in school who shows psychopathic behavior and violently tortures her victims along with her friends.

It is said that Shin Ye-eun received hate for her portrayal of Park Yeon-jin and sadly, she admitted experiencing nightmares after filming for the series.

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But we cannot doubt that Shin Ye-eun nailed her performance in The Glory of her sudden change of character and her frightening acting.

Yoon Dan-oh in “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse”

In her first historical K-Drama, Shin Ye-eun is Yoon Dan-oh, owner of Ihwawon Inn for scholars who take the Hanyang exam. Despite coming from a noble family, Dan-oh is very persistent, straightforward, and sometimes clumsy. She will be associated with three men: Kang San (Ryeo Eun), Kim Shi-yeol (Kang Hoon), and Jung Yoo-ha (Jung Gun-joo) who are scholars and guests in her inn.

After her controversial role in The Glory, Shin Ye-eun proved that she can shift to a lighter and more comedic role for this K-Drama.

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