BREAKING: Hospital Playlist Prequel about their College Days is currently in the works!

We’ll go back in the past with Shin Wonho PD once again!

Hospital Playlist creator, Shin Wonho, confirms with Star News that he is working on the prequel of the highly acclaimed medical series, Hospital Playlist.

The drama will focus on the college days of Lee Ik-jun, Chae Song-hwa, Kim Jun-hwan, Ahn Jeong-won and Yang Seok-hyung. This prequel will also lead to the formation of Mido and Falasol band.

It will take the audiences back in time, particularly over 20 years ago, when they are still struggling to finish their degrees.

Due to the time gap this prequel will have, the current casts from the roster will not portray their younger counterparts. However, their character names remain the same.

Shin Wonho is the creator genius who’s behind the Reply series, Prison Playbook, and Hospital Playlist.

No further details regarding the prequel’s title and target release date has been revealed as of writing.

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Stay tuned for more details.

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