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ICYMI: MIJOO successfully released her first single album ‘Movie Star’

Under her new agency Antenna, MIJOO finally debuts as a solo artist and released her first single album 9 years after her debut as a member of the girl group LOVELYZ in 2014.

The album was released last May 17 and has two songs. The dance song ‘Movie Star’ and ballad ‘Miss You’.

MIJOO said, “As soon as I heard the two songs, I felt that they were so good. My opinion was actively reflected in the album.” “After many thoughts, I wondered what I wanted to do and what I could do well, a year later it came out.”

Media and fan showcase events were held in South Korea on the same day.

Photos courtesy of Dispatch
MIJOO with fans at the fan showcase in Seoul

During the showcase, she revealed that she wanted to show a difference between the Mi Joo on TV and on stage, hence having the stage name ‘MIJOO’ for her solo music activities.

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If Mi Joo on TV is Mi Joo who brings laughter and happiness, MIJOO on stage wants to be someone who challenges and achieves her dreams. “Entertainer Lee Mi Joo is friendly, communicates a lot with people, and has a lively feeling. On stage, I want to show an unexpected charm as a professional artist. I just want to make a difference”, she said.

The official MV of the title song ‘Movie Star’ was released on the same day as well.

Regarding the special appearances of actor Lee Yi Kyung and MIJOO’s role model Lee Hyo Ri, MIJOO revealed, “I asked them and they willingly agreed to appear. Thanks to them, ‘Movie Star’ seems to live on, so I am grateful.”

She also expressed her gratitude to Yoo Jae Suk and her family from the variety show ‘Hangout With Yoo’ for their support.

MIJOO’s future goal is to grow more and fill her solo performances with her song and story.

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She will be performing in different music shows and is still active in entertainment programs, doing well with both her variety and idol images.

Success really comes to those who work hard for it. Congratulations and good luck in achieving all your dreams, MIJOO!


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