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7 EXO-SC songs for different situations

Written by U1

On July 22, 2019, EXO-SC debuted as the second official subunit of the South Korean–Chinese boy band EXO. Ever since then, they have released one extended play and one studio album where they showcase their vocals, and songwriting prowess.

To help you get acquainted with their songs, here are songs to add to your playlist, for different situations you may be in!

1. If you ever feel like wanting to see a loved one

1 Billion Views” is a trendy hip-hop song that features Moon Sujin, a singer-songwriter of MILLIONMARKET (a sub-label under SM Entertainment). Its lyrics talk about wanting to see someone you love repeatedly, comparing the feeling to different forms of media such as songs, ASMR, and videos.

Jet Lag” is an R&B hip-hop song that talks about being in a long-distance relationship, and the longing and loneliness that comes with being in said relationship.

2. If you feel like you are in a “situationship” or your love is unrequited

Borderline” talks about wanting to be more than friends, however, the other person is unsure or is overthinking the situation. Throughout the song, the person reassures the other that they are serious about them, wishing to ease their mind on the matter.

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“Say It” is an upbeat song that also deals with the same subject as “Borderline”, but this time focuses more on convincing the other person to be honest with their feelings instead of playing around.

Telephone” has a cheerful piano riff and features South Korean singer-songwriter 10cm. It talks about an unrequited love where the other person is too busy on their telephone when they are together. However, whenever they are contacted, they are not on their phone and make up excuses to not reply.

3. If you ever feel like the weight of expectations is getting heavier to carry

Fly Away” is an R&B hip-hop song that features Gaeko, a South Korean hip-hop recording artist. It talks about Chanyeol and Sehun’s struggles and the expectations that were put on them as idols. It also shows how they matured as people, and how they kept going despite the unfair criticisms being said towards them.

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4. If you ever feel like taking a break

Just us 2” is a hip-hop song with piano and soft synthesizers, also featuring Gaeko. It talks about taking a rest from current responsibilities, and deciding where to go for a vacation.

EXO-SC is a very talented duo, which translates into their songs and performances. If you ever want a chance to hear some of these songs live, they will be holding their first-ever concert as a duo at the Araneta Coliseum on May 20, 2023!

See you soon, Sehun and Chanyeol!

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