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Super Show 9 Road in Manila: A night of promises fulfilled and everlasting love and happiness

It was August 6, 2022, when Super Junior’s Super Show 9 was supposed to happen in Manila. But due to unexpected events, the management decided to postpone it to another date. Super Junior promised their Filipino ELFs that they will come back before the year ends.

ELFs did not only see Super Junior once this year but thrice! The first was on August 6, when they asked the fans to enter the venue for a while. Then, the second and third meet-up was for their 2-night concert in Manila!

Ever since Super Show was being brought here in Manila, it was the first time ever that Super Junior held a 2-night concert for their fans! It’s truly a historical moment for Super Junior and their beloved fans!

Super Show 9: Road in Manila happened last December 17 & 18. Thousands of ELFs went to see the Kings of Hallyu at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Super Junior in Manila | Image courtesy of SUPER JUNIOR

After 4 months of waiting, Super Junior fulfilled their promise to their beloved Filipino ELFs and performed 2 nights for them! Leeteuk said that the tickets that ELFs have been holding since August are like a lottery ticket, and that night, ELFs finally won!

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Super Junior opened the stage with their 2021 hit song “Burn The Floor”. Their charismatic song and choreography surprised everyone at the venue! They aren’t Super Junior for nothing. They are indeed kings! “Burn The Floor” was then followed by “The Crown”. The perfect song for the Kings of Hallyu!

Super Show 9 has an amazing setlist! They performed songs that were released years and years ago. A Super Show won’t be complete without their classic and hit songs such as “Sorry, Sorry”, “Bonamana”, and “Mamacita”, which were super popular back then here in the Philippines!

Leeteuk even talked about the Cebu Dancing Inmates, which became so popular with their massive flash mob dance of the song “Sorry, Sorry”!

In every Super Shows, Super Junior always did something unique. As for SS9, they performed a classical version of their songs “SPY”, “Rokkuko”, and “Mamacita”.

They also performed their recent songs “Paradox”, “Mystery”, “Mango”, “My Wish”, “Callin'”, “House Party”, “Everyday”, “Don’t Wait”, “More Days With You”, “Always”, to name a few.

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Super Junior-K.R.Y. serenaded ELFs with their song “I Can’t” while Super Junior-D&E performed “Danger”.

Super Junior released a setlist of Super Show 9 months ago and you can listen to the songs here:

The entire arena was a beautiful sight to see as it was filled with sapphire blue lights! Each fan was cheering and screaming and singing along with Super Junior as they perform! It was truly a night to remember. It was heartwarming and a beautiful feeling.

One of the highlights of the 2-night concert was the special video for their brand new song “Celebrate”, which will feature the Filipino ELFs!

“Celebrate” was released last December 15 and the Philippines was the first to hear the song live before anyone else! Filipino ELFs are very very lucky!

You can watch the special video here:

As an ELF for 13 years, this Super Show is one of my most memorable experiences. Hearing them perform live will always be nostalgic to me, especially the song that made me an ELF: Sorry, Sorry.

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I literally grew up with Super Junior. Through my early teen years and until my late 20s, they’ve always given me endless happiness. I’ve experienced hardship in life and even with those, I always have a home that I can come home to. It’s Super Junior.

Seeing them in person still brought tears to my eyes and it always hits me: this is where I’m meant to be.

I couldn’t ask for more. Super Junior will keep on performing and be here for ELFs for as long as they can. And as an ELF, I promise that I’ll be there for them forever!

It was truly a happy moment. Pure bliss. Euphoria.

Until we meet again Super Junior! See you in SS10! 💙

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