B.I successfully held his 2023 Asia Tour: L.O.L The Hidden Stage in PICC!

It’s definitely a sweet Sunday night for all Filo IDs last March 5, as B.I came back to Manila for his B.I 2023 Asia Tour: L.O.L The Hidden Stage.

Image Source: Three Angles Production

Beginning the show, B.I. spiced the scorching atmosphere inside the venue by performing his song ‘BTBT’ from his Love or Loved album alongside Soulja Boy ft. DeVita. Following that was his solo single ‘One and Only’ from iKON’s second album: Return.

After these breathtaking performances, he also performed some of his popular songs, including ‘Waterfall,’ ‘Flame,’ ‘Lover,’ ‘Gray,’ ‘Remember Me’ and many more.

Filo IDs continuously chanting “take it off” during his ment, and B.I playfully responded that he can only take it half off.

Midway through the concert, James Reid surprise the fans with his special appearance and performs ‘You and I’.

B.I then continues his performance with the songs ‘Got It Like That,’ ‘Illa Illa,’ ‘Keep Me Up,’ ‘Daydream,’ ‘COSMOS,’ ‘Re-birth’ and more!

Finally, B.I. got to see the highly awaited fan project that Filo IDs had created for him. While watching the video, B.I felt emotional and said that he really love the song that Filo IDs’ core memory gift for him.

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What makes the concert more exciting? Three months from now, according to B.I., a new album will be released! But there’s more—during the encore stage he performed a few of his next album’s unreleased songs!

Before finally concluding the night, B.I performed his hit song COSMOS once again.

The concert comes to an end with the fan benefits like a photo opportunity and a send-off session.

Thank you, B.I for making this moment a new core memory for us. We can’t wait to see you again!

And thank you too to the management and Three Angles Production for making this concert possible. Kudos to all the staff who worked hard behind the scene!

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