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“Kill Boksoon” is coming to Netflix this March!

Another breathtaking action film is coming to Netflix this March!

Kill Boksoon revolves around a woman named Boksoon who leads a double life- A mother of a teenage daughter and a professional killer at a top-tier killing agency MK.

(Photo Courtesy of Netflix)

The released trailer shows how intensely Boksoon leads a dual life from being an ordinary mom to being an assassin.

Boksoon using weapons from axes to long swords, glass cups, ropes, guns, etc. to fight her opponent was revealed in the trailer too.

(Photo Courtesy of Netflix)

Along with the trailer, the poster was also revealed showing Boksoon holding a bloody ax in her left hand and holding a bag of groceries in her right hand which indicates her double identity.

Moreover, the characters of Koo Kyo Hwan and Esom also give spice and add more tension to the story.

Meanwhile, Kill Boksoon was invited to the 73rd annual Berlin International Film Festival for the Berlinale Special.

It premieres on March 31 only on Netflix!

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Watch the trailer here:

(Source: PR from Netflix)

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