Highly recommended dramas of multitalented Thai actor, Mark Prin!

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Prin Suparat, internationally known as Mark Prin is one of the Thai actors who have great charm and is a very talented artist.

Mark Prin started his career as a member of a Thai boy group called, 4+1 Channel 3 Superstar with Nadech Kugimiya, Mario Maurer, Phupoom Pongpanu, and Pakorn Chatborirak. He started his acting journey in 2010 and landed his first lead role in the drama, Love In Shadow playing the role of Techit.

Mark Prin already proved his versatility in acting in his various works so it is no doubt that many fans got swooned at his irresistible charm.

Looking for dramas that are worth watching? Here are some of Mark Prin’s dramas you shouldn’t miss!

1. My Forever Sunshine (2020)

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My Forever Sunshine depicts the love story of Paeng and Arthit. Something tragic happened to Paeng’s parents so she had to live at Arthit’s house. Paeng has a crush on Arthit but he only thinks of her as her sister.

One day, something bad happened to Arthit because of Paeng and Arthit end up hating her to the bone. Paeng had to depart far away from home. After 6 years, Arthit and Paeng come across each other again. After that long time of not seeing each other, is there a possibility that hate turns into love?

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When I first saw Mark Prin here, I was bewitched by his beautiful smile and how good his acting is. If you love a hate-to-love drama, then this one is so good for you. The comical and romantic chemistry of Mark and Supassara here is so perfect as well as the supporting actors in this series.

2. My Husband in Law (2020)

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My husband in Law is a rom-com series that tells the story of Muey and Tian. A smart girl named Muey is secretly in love with his childhood friend, Tian who loves teasing and ordering her around.

Tian got into trouble when he sleeps with a woman who is a wife of a gangster. To protect his life, Tian’s mother decided to marry off Tian and Muey. Will Tian be able to reciprocate Muey’s love for him this time?

My favorite drama of him! Mark and Nittha’s chemistry is so great, they look so good together. I love everything about this drama, especially the idea of how the self-centered Tian became so selfless when he learns the true meaning of love. I know for sure that you’ll love this too. I hope they’ll reunite in another rom-com series one day.

3. Waves of Life (2017)

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Waves of Life revolves around the love story of a famous actress and model named Jeerawat and a lawyer named Sathit.

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The conflict started when Jeerawat’s stepfather drugs her and while driving, she accidentally hits a woman Sathit’s fiancée, who later dies in the hospital. To protect the reputation of Jeerawat, her mother uses her influence to conceal the truth and hide all the evidence. Arthit tries to uncover the truth and later finds out that Jeerawat is the real culprit. He seeks revenge against Jeerawat, will that desire change when he finds out how kind and good a person Jeerawat is?

Yaya and Mark’s tandem is the best for me! they are so great at acting. They both gave justice to their respective roles, their amazing portrayal of Jeerawat and Sathit were both recognized and won best actor and best actress in multiple drama awards. I say, deserve!

4. Game of Outlaws (2021)

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This series depicts the revenge of Jen and Lisa who lose their respective fathers while chasing the leader of the drug dealer named Sakda. Lisa’s mother adopted Jen and treated her like her real daughter, since then Lisa and Jen developed a strong sibling bond together. They join SIC to avenge their father’s death. They were both trained by Inspector Non.

Lisa had feelings for Inspector Non but it seems like Inspector Non started to develop feelings for Jen while they are on their mission to catch Sakda and get him imprisoned. Unfortunately, Jen accidentally kills Sakda and is imprisoned. Will Jen be able to overcome the difficulties in her life? What will happen to the love triangle between Jen, Non, and Lisa?

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Mark Prin is so good at everything, he’s so cool in portraying the role of Inspector Non, this role suits him very well. Taew and Toon also did a great job in portraying their respective roles here, they showed Girl power in chasing those criminals.

5. Secret Love Online (2015)

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Secret Love Online is a rom-com series that tells a story of a boss named Awatsaya who falls in love with her subordinate named Pranont. She uses an online chat program and hides under the name of “Miss Secret Love”.

The Managing Director of Awatsaya’s company, Lipda learns Awatsaya’s secret, he helps her move on with Pranont and later on falls in love with her. Pribprao pretends to be the “Miss Secret Love”, and everything becomes complicated.

This is a must-watch drama of Real-to-Real couple, Mark and Kimberley. It is so kilig knowing that they are a couple in real life.

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